Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cincinnati Green

Sports Illustrated has a story headlined:
The NFL’s Most Powerful Woman Nobody Talks About; Katie Blackburn prefers to operate behind the scenes in Cincinnati, but her impact on the league has been impossible to miss
Katie Blackburn would be the former Katie Brown '86, a onetime goalie on the Dartmouth women's ice hockey team and daughter of onetime Dartmouth quarterback Mike Brown '57, the Cincy owner. She is the executive vice president of the Bengals and, "the first woman to be a chief contract negotiator in the NFL."

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine had a lengthy story about Blackburn in 2009 under the headline:
Behind the Lines; Keeping the Cincinnati Bengals in order isn't always a day in the park, but executive VP Katie Blackburn '86 spent her whole life preparing for the job   
From the story:
Her father encouraged Katie to pursue a career outside the team before he asked her to come aboard. So after Dartmouth she earned her law degree at the University of Cincinnati and practiced with a local firm for two years. 
More from the story:
At Dartmouth Blackburn proved to be just as determined. Despite barely knowing how to skate she tried out for the hockey team and became the team’s goalie. 
In case  you were wondering, Brown posted a 4-4 record and a team-best 3.00 goals against average in the '85-86 season.
The Boston Globe covered General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt's first public appearance in Boston since the decision to move GE's headquarters to Beantown and the former Dartmouth lineman said that while he's not a Red Sox fan, "I am a Bob Kraft fan, and I am big Patriots fan."
New Rutgers football coach Chris Ash is going against the grain and will be cutting back on the wild-and-crazy uniforms the Scarlet Knights have been wearing such as the one referred to as a "clown outfit." He tells
"I just look at: Does Ohio State have 15 uniforms? No. Does Alabama? No. Does Michigan? No. Does USC? No," Ash said. "You look at some of the traditional best football programs around the country and they have an identifiable, clean, first-class look and that's what I want us to have."
Green Alert Take: I'm not a Rutgers fan, but could almost stop rooting against the Scarlet Knights if not for one thing. I'm pretty sure he intentionally avoided mentioning the "clean, first-class look" of a certain school known for its blue and white uniforms that recruits heavily in his back yard ;-)