Thursday, March 10, 2016

Interesting Look Back

You've seen what he became. Now take a look at what Dartmouth saw when it was recruiting quarterback Dalyn Williams out of Lake Highlands High School near Dallas.

The second half of this video shows Williams at wide receiver, interesting given that a Certain Team may have expressed at least some interest in him in its patented slot receiver position.

Former Dartmouth tight end Damon Jones '95, is the new football coach and athletic director at St. John Neumann Catholic High School in Naples, Fla., his hometown. (LINK)
In a piece that details what has happened at Dartmouth and includes video of the MVP robotic dummy, USA Today High School Sports chimes in on the Ivy League's no-tackling rule. The story reports some concern about what that might mean at the high school level. From the story:
“The obvious benefit is less cumulative head impacts for a larger number of players than at the college level,” said Dr. Chris Koutures, team doctor at Orange Lutheran in Orange, Calif.  “But, you have to balance this with concern, risk of high school players not being as experienced with tackling and may actually increase injury risk during in-game play.”
Koutures cited a study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that showed decreased hours of full-contact practice led to less concussion risk in practice and no higher risk in games for all levels — freshman to varsity.
“It’s possible that no tackling would create similar or even more convincing results,” he said.
Evan Boudreaux, the only player to average a double-double in Ivy League men's basketball play this year, has been named the conference rookie of the year while also earning a berth on the All-Ivy League second team. (LINK)