Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Nonconference

Following up on yesterday's posting of Ivy League nonconference schedules, here are the overall 2015 records of the out-of-league opponents Ivy teams will face this fall, ranked from best combined record best to worst:

Yale 24-13 (at Fordham 9-3, Colgate 9-5, Lehigh 6-5)
Dartmouth 20-14 (New Hampshire 7-5, Towson 7-4, at Holy Cross 6-5)
Penn 19-15 (at Fordham 9-3, Lehigh 6-5, Central Connecticut 4-7)
Cornell 19-17 (at Colgate 9-5, Sacred Heart 6-5, at Bucknell  4-7)
Columbia 11-21 (St. Francis 6-4, at Georgetown  4-7, at Wagner 1-10)
Harvard 11-22 (at Holy Cross 6-5, Georgetown 4-7, Rhode Island 1-10)
Princeton 11-22 (at Lehigh  6-5, at Georgetown 4-7, Lafayette  1-10)
Brown 9-25 (at Bryant 5-6, Stetson 3-9, at Rhode Island 1-10)

Yale's 2016 nonconference opponents were 4-4 last year against Ivy teams.
Penn's 2016 nonconference opponents were 3-3 last year against Ivy teams.
Cornell's 2016 nonconference opponents were 2-3 last year against Ivy teams.
Brown's 2016 nonconference opponents were 1-3 last year against Ivy teams.
Columbia's 2016 nonconference opponents were 1-3 last year against Ivy teams.
Princeton's 2016 nonconference opponents were 2-6 last year against Ivy teams.
Harvard's 2016 nonconference opponents were 1-5 last year against Ivy teams.
Dartmouth's 2016 nonconference opponents were 0-1 last year against Ivy teams.

Fordham finished 2-0 against Ivy teams last year.
Bucknell and Bryant were 1-0
Sacred Heart was 1-1
Colgate, Georgetown and Lehigh were 1-2
Holy Cross, Central Connecticut and Wagner went 0-1
Lafayette and URI were 0-2 in Ivy games
Did Not Play against Ivy: New Hampshire, Towson, St. Francis, Stetson

Dartmouth and Yale are the only schools facing three teams that had winning records last year ... only Brown is facing three teams with losing records ... Yale is the lone team to play two opponents who appeared in the FCS playoffs last year (Colgate , Fordham) ... Dartmouth, Yale, Penn and Harvard have two home games and one road game ... Cornell, Columbia, Princeton and Brown have two on the road and one at home ... Ivies play three different teams that were 1-10 last year ... toughest road games by last year's records would be Penn at Fordham and Cornell at Colgate ...toughest home game based on last year's overall records would be Yale against Colgate.