Friday, April 01, 2016

Bo Gets A Jump (And A Run)

Bo Patterson 758686While Dartmouth is having its Pro Day tomorrow, former Big Green receiver Bo Patterson '15 got a jump on some of his former teammates by taking part in a Pro Day at The Citadel in his home state of South Carolina. The Post and Courier quotes Patterson, who wants to give the pro game a shot after coaching high school ball and battling mono last year:
“CFL, NFL, Arena, I don’t care. Since I was 10 years old, I’ve said that I was going to keep playing until somebody makes me stop. And so far, no one has made me stop. I can work the rest of my life, so I’m going to play while I can.”
With mat drills in full swing, Dartmouth turned its camera on Danny O'Dea, who moves in to coach nickel backs this fall:

A Star Tribune story about the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) getting a look at the University of Minnesota football practice includes this:
Junior Adekunle Ayinde said it was good fun. But he also had to deal with the embarrassment of getting deked by a machine.
“I got beat by it one time, so I had to tighten up and get back at it,” he said.
The Gophers will get two more practices with the device. Ayinde said besides saving wear and tear on ball carriers, it can help the defense improve its tackling.
“It forces you to get your feet under you, and then make your tackle,” he said. “My first rep was humbling.”
See video of the MVP at Minnesota HERE.
Former jayvee quarterback Ed Lucas '04 had a solid spring training with the Seattle Mariners and while he didn't make the roster coming out of the spring he may well get back to the big leagues as a utility man with the team according to several stories. The Seattle Times wrote about him under the headline, For Mariners utility player and Ivy Leaguer Ed Lucas, a front-office career can wait, and wrote under the headline, Love of the game keeps Lucas going
Mariners third baseman not ready to give up on another shot at Majors.

Lucas had already given up football to see how far he could go in baseball before the Dartmouth program suffered a a spate of injuries that likely would have seen him end up under center for the Big Green varsity. It got so bad that Dartmouth actually played tight end (and future NFLer) Casey Cramer at quarterback for a spell at Harvard, simply having him take shotgun snaps and run with the ball.
The Dartmouth reports that the school has offered admission to 2,176 students for the Class of 2020. One of the most interesting is a potential football player from overseas.

While he hasn't tried American football yet, he has apparently kicked a rugby ball over the goalposts from 75 yards out, albeit at altitude and, strangely, with these boots on.

He may have been recommended to Dartmouth by the father of freshman Phil Berton, who knows the family from years ago.

There's precious little information about the young man online, although you can read about his famous father HERE.

Perhaps unbelievably, today is both the new kicker's birthday and his father's birthday.