Monday, April 18, 2016

One Week Into Spring Ball

BGA ventured into the world of video to grab a few thoughts after Saturday's practice from Sammy McCorkle, Dartmouth's associate head coach, who works with the secondary and also coordinates special teams. This first appeared on BGA Premium Saturday night.

McCorkle is the last holdover from the staff head coach Buddy Teevens hired when he returned to Dartmouth in 2005. A former defensive back and special teams standout with the Florida Gators, McCorkle played in four SEC championship games, two Sugar Bowls, the Gator Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl while in Gainesville, where he and Teevens first crossed paths.

A huge thank you to McCorkle for taking the time and having the patience to answer a few questions after practice.

This video was shot with a lowly iPod Touch so hopefully the content makes up for the lack of production values ;-)

Dartmouth practice resumes Tuesday, with coverage on BGA Premium to follow.
A loyal BGA reader who was poking around the Sports Illustrated Vault dug up a 1975 story in which George Plimpton paints a picture of the Ivy League of the day. Give it a read HERE.

Green Alert Take: While there are echoes of the story in some precincts today, I'd venture to say that this isn't the Ivy League we know now.