Monday, April 11, 2016

That Championship Season

Video clips from last week's Dartmouth football banquet courtesy of the football office:

The Dartmouth has a column whose mission is described by the school paper this way: "Each week The Numbers Game will break-down one Dartmouth sport’s statistic."


This week The Numbers Game looks at the Dartmouth football team's scoring defense. In this era of fast-paced, no-huddle offense, breaking down points allowed by possessions or snaps would offer one way to compare this year's stout Big Green defense to that of the legendary '70 team, which played a very different game.

A word of caution. Computers have made heavy duty sports analytics easier to work up but they can be hard to comprehend, so consider yourself forewarned before reading on. From the story:
The scoring defense is simply calculated by dividing the total number of points a team gave up on the year by the number of games played. For the 2015-2016 season, the Big Green allowed 101 points in their 10 Ivy contests to give them an extraordinary 10.1 points per game overall scoring defense.
Green Alert Take: Let me see if I follow that ;-)
The Dartmouth also takes a look at coaching turnover at the college this year. Men's basketball, men's/women's swimming, women's ice hockey, volleyball and men's Nordic skiing all have head coaching openings.

Athletic Director Harry Sheehy tells the school paper:
“When I got the job [as athletic director] five years ago, it was clear to me we were going to have to make some staffing changes to have better programs,” he said. “Some of those changes we initiated, some of those changes were retirements. The way I look at it, every change is an opportunity for Dartmouth to get better. From a values standpoint, we’ve very much been able to hire to a new vision for the department.”

Chris Wielgus guided the Big Green women's basketball team to 12 Ivy League championships, 393 wins, seven NCAA appearances and two appearances in the WNIT in 28 years in Hanover.

Now a group of women's basketball alumni are in the home stretch of an effort to name the lounge area of the Dartmouth basketball offices in honor of Wielgus. From an email that went out to former players:
This will actually be the first space in Dartmouth’s athletic complex named in honor of a female employee! To me, this effort is MUCH bigger than just Coach Chris though. It's about women at Dartmouth and women's basketball and being part of something bigger than you/your experience.
With the initiative closing in on its $200,000 goal there's a push to "reach beyond just athletes, (to) staff and community members that impacted the program and were affected by Chris and her legacy."

Image result for Chris WielgusGreen Alert Take: Count us among those people. Wielgus' players were strong role models for That Certain Dartmouth '14 from the time she started elementary school. (And for her brother as well.) I'll never forget the time Jen Pariseau '97 wandered into our driveway by accident looking for the Appalachian Trail and That Certain '14 nearly passed out from excitement. I clearly remember TC '14 crying when it hit home that Courtney Banghart would graduate in 2000 and she wouldn't have a chance to watch her anymore – and if I recall correctly Courtney was just a sophomore at the time ;-)

That Certain '14 attended Wielgus's camps, served as a team ballgirl and traveled to playoff and tournament games to cheer the team on. Wielgus made sure she and her best friend were honored at midcourt with graduating seniors before their final game as ballgirls and offered valuable insights a few years later when she was being recruited and applying to colleges. To be sure, Chris Wielgus's impact was on more than the basketball floor, and on more than just her players. The Chris Wielgus Lounge will be a fitting tribute to a special person.

For more information or to help make the Chris Wielgus Lounge a reality, CLICK HERE.