Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Dream Come True

One of the pleasures of doing BGA is getting to know the coaches and staff in a much different way than when I was the beat writer covering the team for the newspaper. Always helpful, always with a smile is football equipment manager Steve Ward, grandson of legendary Dartmouth coach Tom Dent, a proud Marine veteran and one-heckuva golfer.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of a member of the Dartmouth family, Steve just had a chance recently to play a round at Augusta National and here he is on the famed Hogan Bridge.

Steve shot a fine 75 and says he'll remember every one of those shots forever and I believe him. Trust me when I tell you he was about as excited about his Augusta National dream as you would ever believe.
A loyal reader has shared a few more thoughts on the Green-White. As was the case with the observations posted Saturday night, they are opinions and yours may differ ;-)
I believe that we would have learned a lot more if we had tackled in this game. (I get it and believe in the philosophy but this game might be the exception.)
• (Wide receiver) Joe Cook looked very good.
• (Bruce) Dixon looks like he is leading the QB race.
• O-line decent, good job at center by Kilcommons.
• Defense flying around lead by d-line.
• Special teams solid across the board.