Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Big Greenipedia

I don't know who got this started or who updates it but as is often the case, Wikipedia is a pretty fair one-stop shopping place for a general overview of the 2015 Dartmouth championship football season. Click the graphic below to enlarge it (and then click it again) or, better yet, just visit the page HERE.

You can check out a page for each Dartmouth team from 2011 on. There is even a link to the 1925 National Championship team.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh to young campers and their families as quoted in the Detroit Free Press:
 “There’s a lot of people attacking football these days, talking about it being too rough of a sport or too tough. I feel like there’s a real prejudice against football at all levels. But there’s just a misconception about football. ... Football’s never been safer than it is now with the rule changes and technique changes.”