Friday, May 06, 2016

Congraduations (Couldn't Help Myself)

Greetings from Happy Valley, where we are celebrating graduation weekend for That Certain Nittany Lion and the end of college bills!
A few NFL notes today starting here in the Keystone State.

Steelers Depot has a story under the headline, QB Dalyn Williams The Steelers Most Promising Tryout Player. (LINK) From the story:
One tryout name seemed to stand above the rest and he’ll get his opportunity to show that intrigue this weekend: Dartmouth QB Dalyn Williams. I was far from the first to hear his name. Many well-respected people in the draft community pegged him as a sleeper in his class.
The former Big Green quarterback has at least two other tryouts set.
Packers News writes about former Dartmouth offensive lineman Jacob Flores, who was flying under the radar among the large group of Big Green pro hopefuls before a terrific workout led him to become one of two former teammates to sign an undrafted free agent contract after the draft. From the site:
Flores (6-3, 300) played left tackle as a junior but moved to center as a senior. At his campus pro day he ran the 40 in 5.25 seconds, did 22 bench-press reps, and had a 26-inch vertical jump and 8-3 broad jump.
The other undrafted free agent to win a contract was corner Vernon Harris, who gets a mention in Chiefs Digest. It reports that he has "4.49 speed" in the 40.
A reminder that tomorrow's BGA Premium report on the Green-White scrimmage will be "crowd sourced." For the first time, I'm out of town and will be relying on you to share your observations. If you email them this way, I'll collect 'em, gently edit them up and post them (without attribution so you can be candid). If this idea works the way I hope, you'll get some different voices from different perspectives that paint a different picture of the Big Green than you'd usually get. As for that editing bit, it's mostly about making sure no one has to cringe when they read the report.
Also for the first time, BGA Daily (which you are reading now ;-) will go pretty quiet over the next week or so. Apart from a day or two here or there, that hasn't happened before over the last 11 years, including family vacations. But this is different. Let me explain.

That Certain Dartmouth '14-turned-park ranger wrapped up her winter working in the Everglades last week and drove up to Pennsylvania for her brother's graduation. She starts back at Yellowstone Tuesday morning . . . and that's a 1,950-mile drive from here. Coming on top of the trip from the Everglades that's some seriously grueling windshield time.

To help her out I'm hopping in the car with her and will split the driving to the iconic park (although the bet here is I do the majority of the time behind the wheel ;-). We figure to be on the road each day by 5 and driving until dark, which doesn't leave much time for digging up items for this site.

I'll spend several days in Yellowstone where I won't have WiFi, and then fly to Denver to spend a day-and-a-half with Sister BGA at her condo in the Rockies, where I will.

As some of you know, given a choice, I'll almost always pick trains over planes for travel and so I'm taking Amtrak back home starting next Saturday night. There's supposed to be WiFi on the leg from Chicago eastward so radio silence could end on that Sunday.

Now, there is a chance that I'll grab a little WiFi sometime along the drive west the next three days but I can't make any promises. If you spot anything of interest and can share a link it would make it easier for me to post something from a rest area or wherever I can steal a signal without losing too much time.

And with that, to steal a line from the White House correspondents dinner . . .

"BW out."