Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ready For Another Shot?

Could Dartmouth linebacker-turned-defensive tackle-turned-silver-medal shotputter-turned gold-medal shot putter Adam Nelson make another run at the Olympics?

Looks as if he might according to this STORY shared by a loyal reader.

Nelson, you may recall, posted 18 tackles as a senior on the 10-0 Ivy League champions of 1996. From a 2004 story on the '97 Big Green graduate:
"He started as a linebacker at Dartmouth, and when, as he says, his 'butt got bigger,' he was moved to defensive tackle."
From the 1994 Dartmouth football media guide:
"He holds the distinction as the first freshman to see varsity action after the Ivy League voted to allow freshmen to compete on the varsity football level in 1993." 
Nelson probably never became the football player he might have – he had something else on his plate – but he would have been an interesting prospect at the NFL Combine. Consider these numbers culled from various reports:
• "As a 17 year old before my senior year high school during football testing I benched 225 for 42 reps, max benched at 435 and squatted 225 for 85 reps. "
• Vertical 39.5 at Sydney Olympics
• Long jump: 10-7 but has done over 11 feet