Thursday, June 30, 2016

This And That

What's wrong with this video still?

Nothing, except that the video is about the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP)  and the "robot" pictured is the "telemedicine" robot introduced two years ago. Oops ;-)

Find the NewsBeat Social video the still is from HERE.

Find a story about the telemedicine robot mistakenly included with the video HERE.

To be sure, maybe we should cut the telemedicine robot a break. The MVP has been hogging all the media attention for the past year or so. Among the outlets that have done stories on it are: 
The MVP has been featured on all of these outlets. Click HERE to access the various links.
Former Dartmouth guard and assistant coach Courtney Banghart, now the über-successful head coach at Princeton, has a great story about her interactions with the late Pat Summitt.

Listen to the short story HERE. (If you aren't getting any sound, click the little speaker icon in the lower right corner of the picture.)

Here's a transcript:
I first met Pat Summitt when I was in my second  year as an assistant coach (editor's note: That would be at Dartmouth). I left Disney's massive Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando during one of their signature flash floods. Not yet accustomed to the realities of a different rental car every day, I left the facility with literally no idea of the whereabouts (or color) of the rental car I had parked over 12 hours earlier when I arrived for the morning's first game. Pat Summitt was trailing me. 
"Don't you have an umbrella?" 
I could barely speak. "An umbrella seems like a smart item to pack next time." 
"Come here. Get under here with me." 
I'll remember those words forever. 
So there I went, walking out to the parking lot huddled under an umbrella with Pat Summitt. 
"Which way is your car?" she asked. 
Oh no. Not good. 
"Well, I'm actually not sure. Can you believe that?" 
She clearly believed it, as she immediately offered me a ride. "We'll find your car together." 
I was so embarrassed. She wouldn't take no for an answer, so there I was – in the back seat of a black car with Pat (she had a driver), as we went aisle by aisle through the parking lot. 
We eventually found the car (truth be told, SHE spotted the lit taillights first). As I got out, she said: "Courtney, that was fun. I hope we meet again." 
Fast forward a year. I was in the Bayou, the night before the start of an AAU evaluation event. I was having dinner with a group of assistant coaches. Pat walked in and was seated a few tables away. I went over to say hi, to thank that hilarious hero of mine for saving me from the fiastco in Orlando. 
As we finished up dinner, I asked for the bill. The young server said: "The bill was taken care of by Coach Summitt. She told me to tell you, 'Good luck finding your car.' "
Six Dartmouth track and field alums are slated to compete in the upcoming U.S. Olympic trials, another is on the cusp of making it to Eugene and still another has already earned the right to compete in Rio under another flag. Find the full story HERE.