Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Workin' Hard

The Bears Wire has a podcast asking the question:
Did the Bears sign the next Russell Wilson?
The reference, of course, is to former Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams, often compared because of his size and athleticism to the Seattle Seahawks' quarterback.

The hosts interview Emory Hunt, the self-annointed "czar of the playbook," who raves about the former Dartmouth quarterback. Hunt, who does the slick Football Game Plan videos, had gone on record before the draft saying Williams had second-round talent.

Now, don't take this the wrong way but Hunt has been way, way out on a limb regarding the Big Green standout. There were a few people projecting Williams as a potential sixth- or seventh-round pick, but most of the so-called experts I've come across thought he would be an undrafted free agent.

So what gives? Listen closely and you'll hear Hunt say he was a high school teammate of Cortez Hankton, the Vanderbilt assistant formerly at Dartmouth. The guess here is that either Hunt and Hankton have spoken about Williams, or Hunt has a really soft spot for someone who played for his old teammate. Or maybe both ;-)