Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Your Mileage May Vary

247Sports offers up what it calls:
Dartmouth Football All Time Recruits  Since 2000 
Do notice the teeny-weeny, light gray print copied and pasted directly from the 247 site.

Anyway, find the list of nine recruits HERE.

The fact that two players on last fall's Ivy League championship team earned NFL contracts and a third was a finalist for Ivy League defensive player of the year and not one of the three is listed, or that the Big Green had eight members of the All-Ivy League first team and none are listed may give you pause, particularly given that the 2016 team was far and away the best Dartmouth team Since 2000 . The fact that nine more earn some kind of All-Ivy mention and only one of those players appears on the "all time" (Since 2000 ) list is a pretty good indication about how accurate FCS recruiting information is. Or maybe how inaccurate it is?

On the plus side, four of the nine players listed are incoming freshmen including "all time" No. 1 recruit Micah Croom, a defensive back from California. For what it's worth, quarterback Dalyn Williams is listed as the No. 2 "all time" recruit.
STATS lists potential "surprise" teams in each conference for the 2016 season. Wanna guess who it picks in the Ivy League? No, it wasn't Dartmouth.

Rather than give away the surprise, you can CLICK HERE to read the story, or go to the bottom of this post for the answer ;-)
Harvard Political Review has a story under the headline:
Punch Drunk: The Ban of Tackling in Ivy League Football and its Repercussions
A reminder that the Ivy League has banned tackling during the week during the 10-week season ONLY. Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens has banned it 355 days a year – all except for Saturdays (and an occasional Friday night) in the fall.
With its new stadium debuting this fall, New Hampshire has pulled together a video of top moments in Cowell Stadium history. (As is the case in the list of "all time" Dartmouth recruits, "history" begins, well, whenever ;-)

But I digress. . .

Never afraid to use trick plays, there may not be a more entertaining FCS team in the nation than UNH. Be sure to check out the play that starts around the 3:25 mark.

As for the STATS surprise team in the Ivy League this fall, it's a bit of a surprise all right. It's Brown. STATS writes:
Brown (5-5, 3-4): Senior leadership and a good offensive line are integral to Ivy title contention and coach Phil Estes has both for his 19th season. Senior quarterback Kyle Moreno will get time from his linemen to connect with excellent wide receivers Alex Jette and Troy Doles. While the defense is replacing four starters, including three in the secondary, it figures to have an improved pass rush. With a lot of key graduation losses across the league, the Bears are ready to make noise again.