Monday, July 18, 2016

Are 'You' Surprised?

College Sports Journal has continued its Ivy League preview series with something of a surprise.

The well-researched, well-written site has picked Dartmouth fifth in this year's conference race. The preview series is built around quick entrees:
Biggest Strength in 2016
Biggest Challenge In 2016
Biggest Departures
Players To Watch
Biggest Game
Rose-Colored Glasses Say
Glass Half Empty Says
Dartmouth In Two Sentences
CSJ's predictions to date:
5. Dartmouth
6. Brown
7. Columbia
8. Cornell
Find a link to the CSJ picks and join the discussion HERE.

Green Alert Take: Seeing Dartmouth picked to finish behind Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale (in an order still to be revealed ;-) really did catch me by surprise. I'd be shocked to see anyone pick the Big Green lower, and frankly, I don't expect to see many prognosticators choosing Dartmouth to finish this far down in the rankings.
Click photo to enlarge.
Counselors including Dartmouth sophomore Bruce Dixon IV (sleeveless shirt) watch a couple of MVPs at this summer's Manning Passing Academy. Throwing the ball is two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. Standing guard is Dartmouth's MVP, the Mobile Virtual Player. 

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