Monday, July 11, 2016

Green Means Go

Sign-ups have begun for the 12th year of Big Green Alert Premium, which bids to offer the most comprehensive coverage of any FCS program in the nation.

Since the start of BGA prior to the 2005 season:

• Every full practice from the beginning of preseason camp until the final session before Princeton has been staffed in person. The stories are posted the same night, often accompanied by photographs and occasionally by videos. The stories virtually always include thoughts from Coach Buddy Teevens, another member of the coaching staff, or from players who are generous enough to share their time after practice.

• On double-session days, a full story about the first practice has always been on-line before the second session begins.

• There has been at least one full story every day, seven days a week, from the first day of preseason until the final game.

Every game – home and away – has been covered with a full preview, a game story, a sidebar and a follow as well the popular (with some readers ;-) Optimist-Pessimist column.

Every junior varsity game has been staffed.

As an aside, BGA Premium supports the site you are looking at right now, which more than once has had posted content all 365 days of a calendar year. Without BGA Premium this site would disappear.


From mid-August, when the detailed previews of every Dartmouth opponent begin, until the Monday after the finale against Princeton, BGA Premium is my full-time job – and then some. The goal is to have 1,000-1,200 words or so on your computer every night by 10 (although if I grab a quick dinner with Mrs. BGA that can stretch to 10:30 or so). There's also full coverage of recruiting and in-person coverage of spring football.

Oh yeah. And to borrow from Steve Jobs, there's one more thing.

If you are a subscriber and like what you see, please encourage others to take a look. Despite the dramatic uptick in Dartmouth football fortunes over the past few years the growth in BGA readership has leveled off. You can help by sharing the good word. Thanks!
Sign up or renew your subscription HERE.

A reminder that new subscribers need to choose a username and password. Returning subscribers' usernames and passwords will carry over, so they should not fill out the sign-up form.
And finally, a little trivia for you. In 2015 BGA Premium posted 161,472 words covering Dartmouth football. That's roughly the equivalent of the first two Harry Potter books combined.