Saturday, July 30, 2016

Men's Titles Since 2000-01 . . .

How have Dartmouth men's sports fared in Ivy League championships since the 2000-01 school year? Click the graphic to enlarge it and see.

For the full chart dating back to the start of formal Ivy League competition CLICK HERE.

  Tomorrow: How the women have fared.

From a story in the Daily Pennsylvanian arguing for an end to the ban on Ivy League football teams going to the NCAA playoffs:
The preseason hype surrounding Penn football is unreal – 13 returning starters from a championship team will do that. I’m not guaranteeing a repeat title, but it’s clear that Penn is the consensus favorite in the conference.
Green Alert Take: For as outspoken as Ive been about how patently unfair it is to ban one and only one sport from going to the postseason, I guess I have to take issue with the "lede" to this piece. The consensus favorite? The Quakers may well be the favorite, but they're not going to be the consensus choice.
Speaking of the Quakers, the DP also has a story under the headline, Retelling the narrative arc of Penn football's 2015 championship. From the story:
In the first conference game of the year, Penn proved no match for Dartmouth, with Big Green quarterback Dalyn Williams two steps ahead of the Red and Blue at every turn. Williams ran for 73 yards and two scores and completed 23 of 25 passes (92%) for 336 yards and four touchdowns. Meanwhile, Penn then-junior quarterback Alek Torgersen completed seven of 10 attempts for 29 yards before leaving at halftime with a concussion. Penn’s deficit sat at 41-6 after three quarters before inching to the final score of 41-20. A betting man could have gotten great odds on Penn winning the Ivy League at that time, but a betting man wouldn’t have wagered on the Red and Blue after seeing how much better the Big Green looked.
Dartmouth grad Madison Hughes on bringing the U.S. Rugby Sevens team to the Olympics:

Capped a l-o-n-g Friday posting updates from the Tommy Keane Invitational by writing a story centered around the father-son team of Jim '81 and Andrew '15 Jankowski, two former Big Green players advancing to the Championship flight of the annual tournament. You may remember Jim from Dartmouth's NCAA hockey teams. Find the story HERE.