Thursday, July 21, 2016


With a week or so to go until NFL camps open Dalyn Williams is without a team. The record-setting Dartmouth quarterback who signed with the Chicago Bears in June was cut yesterday, three weeks after the team claimed quarterback Connor Shaw off waivers from the Cleveland Browns.

There's a brief mention of the transaction in the Chicago Sun Times.
Dartmouth graduate Jacob Flores is front-and-center in a photo accompanying a story about offensive line depth on the Green Bay Packers' SB Nation site. The story details what to expect of each lineman currently on the roster. Of Flores it says:
He has little chance of making the roster, but the Packers tend to keep a player who can contribute at center on the practice squad, so if he has a nice camp he could earn an invite back after final cuts.
Former Cornell lineman JC Tretter, who is in his fourth season with the Pack, gets a writeup that includes this:
He will hit free agency in March  . . but hopefully will return to Green Bay with a chance to help replace one of the veterans who departs.
From the Ivy League office (LINK):
The Ivy League will use an experimental rule for the 2016 football season to move kickoffs to the 40-yard line and touchbacks to the 20-yard line in an effort to reduce concussions and further promote the safety and welfare of its student-athletes.
Green Alert Take: Terrific idea. What bugs me is a quote accompanying the story. "This experimental rule change is another example of The Ivy League leading the nation in concussion prevention."

Apologies if what I'm going to say strikes you as snarky, but I can just hear people around the country saying the new rule might protect the players, but the rest of the Ivy League is putting its arm at risk patting itself on the back.
The College Sports Journal Ivy League countdown continues with Yale pegged to finish third in the conference this fall. Find a link to the Yale preview HERE.

CSJ's predictions so far:
3. Yale 
4. Princeton 
5. Dartmouth 
6. Brown  
7. Columbia 
8. Cornell
We put out Trail Magic at the Appalachian Trail several hundred yards down the road yesterday and among others, had hikers from Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Hawaii, Germany, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland and Missouri sign the ledger we left. They use trail names like SnailPace, Lion-Heart, Lost&Found, Not-A-Bear, Bumble Bee, Breakneck and Sleeping Beauty.

Toto Toyota did not sign the ledger for one important reason. He/She is . . . well . . . a famous hubcap.

After taking a photo of Toto Toyota being ceremoniously handed from SnailPace to Hawaii on the South Peak of Moose Mountain yesterday afternoon I Googled him up to learn more. Among other citations, I found this from a Pacific Crest Trail posting:
This is Toto Toyota the PCT hubcap! He was just a piece of litter until we packed him out. He was found on mile 342 on the PCT (he'll pick up the miles he misses one day). He was passed from hiker to hiker all the way to Canada in 2015. On February 29, 2016 he rolled on to the AT.
Please pass him hiker to hiker, never leave him in a shelter or at a water source. People might assume he's litter. 
Take photos with him doing all the things normal hikertrash do. 
If he makes it to Katahdin please contact Pretzel to make arrangements to get him home safely.