Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Welcome Back

There has been a lot of chatter during the offseason about how many talented players wrapped up their Dartmouth football careers last November.

Over the next several days we'll take at the introductory videos produced for the players who will be coming back, starting today with this fall's seniors, AKA the Class of 2017. (Today's video is a little tricky in that you might at first think the date is off, but keep watching ;-)

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July. We headed a couple of towns north for the wonderful, old-fashioned Orford (NH)-Fairlee (VT) parade, whose theme was the centennial of the National Park Service.

That Certain '14, who was just coming off a three-day backpacking trip, got a kick out of the picture we shared with her of a float celebrating her "workplace."

Click photo for a closer look.
We capped off the night by watching simultaneous fireworks shows from the Vermont towns of Hartford, Hartland and Woodstock from up here on the shoulder of Moose Mountain.