Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Well, Look At That

I'm not in the habit of reading about fashion models but when I saw a mention on Dartblog of a former Dartmouth field hockey player-turned-volunteer coach I clicked through and got a kick out of where one of the pictures was taken. You might, too.

Check out the full Tab story about Ludwig HERE.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh on his new defensive coordinator, who left a local Vermont high school to start his college coaching career at Dartmouth:
“I get a big smile about Don Brown every time I hear his name. He is a legend in my mind. Everything he has been associated with has been successful, even when he was the baseball coach at Yale.” 
And . . .
“The number of people who come up to me and say, ‘Don Brown was the best coach I ever had,’ is amazing.” 
Wonder what kind of team New Hampshire will bring to Dartmouth for the Big Green opener on Sept. 17? Check out the CAA Football Media day, airing on ESPN3 at ±10 this morning from the Baltimore Ravens' stadium. Coach Sean McDonnell, running back Dalton Crossan and corner Casey DeAndrade are scheduled to appear.

Green Alert Take: I've been on record more than a few times lamenting that the Ivy League football media day is nothing more than one long phone call. It's water under the bridge now, but long before Facetime and Periscope etc., the Ivy League had the cutting edge technology to break new ground by streaming a video preseason press conference. It's a shame the league didn't do it then. It's more of a shame it isn't done now.