Monday, August 01, 2016

Greetings From Yellowstone

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This site is going on a two-week hiatus as we head out to Yellowstone to spend time with That Certain Dartmouth '14, now in her second summer as a ranger at the world's first National Park. We will "roughing it" in Yellowstone, in Grand Teton and (hopefully) in Glacier through Aug. 15.

Given that we will be without electricity or WiFi  for the majority of the time, that we will be lugging all of our camping gear with us on the plane, and that this is supposed to be a vacation, the laptop is not making the trip.

I might be wrong but I believe this is the first time this site has gone silent for even back-to-back days in 11-plus years, including a cross country trip with the family in our VW camper. Maybe a new streak will begin on Aug. 16. See you then!