Thursday, September 15, 2016

Two Days And Two-Deeps


The Ivy League media guide has now been posted. (See link below.)

Also, the Dartmouth notes are now updated with a new two-deep HERE.
Game notes have been posted by Dartmouth (LINK) and New Hampshire (LINK). There's also a tidbit or two in the CAA notes (LINK).

Fingers crossed that the Ivy League weekly release and media guide are up soon.

Of note, junior Jack Heneghan is listed as Dartmouth's starting quarterback with freshman Jake Pallotta behind him.

The only other freshmen on the two-deep are wide receiver Hunter Hagdorn,  a backup wide receiver, corner Isiah Swann, listed as backup corner, and Grant Jaffe, the backup longsnapper.
In a lame attempt at humor last year I wrote how two-deeps aren't worth the paper they aren't printed on anymore. To that end, check out the Colorado two-deep for Saturday's game at Michigan, a response to Jim Harbaugh's depth chart shenanigans. (LINK)
(Click to enlarge.)
I don't really understand these things but the "line" on the Dartmouth-UNH game which was once 11.5 points favors the Big Green by 5 as of this morning.
A thread on the Any Given Saturday messageboard under the headline CAA Pick'em includes fan predictions for Saturday's CAA games. No surprise there. What is a little surprising is that while there are a lot of people picking UNH there are some folks out there in CAA-Land who believe Dartmouth will end its decades-long drought against the Wildcats this week. (LINK)

Or could they be Ivy infiltrators?
From Palo Alto Online:
At Dartmouth, junior quarterback Jack Heneghan is in the hunt to play a significant role this year when the Big Green opens its season against New Hampshire.
Jack Katzman may get a chance to kick and/or punt for Dartmouth, coached by former Stanford coach Buddy Teevens. The Big Green finished 9-1 overall last year.
Palo Alto grad Jack Anderson will also be looking to take the field for Dartmouth as an offensive lineman.
And finally, here's an edited excerpt from a quick FootballScoop story that you must read:
What happened last Thursday in Texas is a scary reminder of the risks involved in football, but (it) exemplifies why so many people love this game and the lessons that it teaches both kids and adults.