Thursday, October 27, 2016

Closing In On Homecoming

Find Dartmouth's game notes for Saturday HERE.

Still A Chance
The odds? Prohibitive. But Dartmouth is still mathematically alive in the Ivy League race. Here's one scenario borrowed from the Big Green game notes that would bring the title to Hanover:

This weekend:
Dartmouth defeats Harvard, Columbia defeats Yale, Cornell defeats Princeton, Brown defeats Penn

Next weekend:
Dartmouth defeats Cornell, Princeton defeats Penn, Harvard defeats Columbia, Yale defeats Brown

Nov. 12:
Dartmouth defeats Brown, Penn defeats Harvard, Yale defeats Princeton, Columbia defeats Cornell

Nov. 19
Dartmouth defeats Princeton, Cornell defeats Penn, Yale defeats Harvard, Columbia defeats Brown

The result would be a six-way tie at 4-3 featuring Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard,
 Penn, Princeton and Yale. On the outside looking in would be Cornell and Brown, although there are scenarios where both of them could win as well.

One more thing from the Dartmouth notes:
If Penn and Harvard both win this weekend, not only would the Big Green be eliminated from the race, but the league champ could have no more than two losses.
The Harvard Crimson has a look at a season where Harvard football is starting to look less than invincible. From the column:
In case Harvard does not win out, let’s revisit the last time the Crimson actually lost multiple games in a season.
Actually, this was not long ago. In 2012, Harvard dropped a 39-34 decision on the road against Princeton and fell to Penn in the penultimate game of the year, 30-21.
Green Alert Take: Although the writer is correct in saying 2012 is not that long ago, it is a v-e-r-y long time ago in the context of the last time a team lost two games in a season ;-)

As detailed on BGA Premium last night, correspondent Bernard Goldberg and a crew from the award-winning HBO program Real Sports was at Memorial Field Wednesday filming a segment on how Dartmouth football prepares for the season and individual games without ever tackling in practice.

The Dartmouth has an overview of Homecoming events HERE.
A little trivia for those of you who have read this far . . .

• Memorial Field listed capacity: 11,000
• 2015 Homecoming attendance: 11,086
• 2015 Homecoming weather: 54 degrees and sunny
• Saturday forecast: 52 degrees, cloudy, 20 percent chance of rain
• Total receptions by Dartmouth tight ends this fall: 13
• Longest Dartmouth field goal made this year: 38 yards
• Longest field goal attempted before last week's gale-force winds: 45
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