Monday, October 24, 2016

But Whenever Monday Comes, But Whenever Monday Comes . . .

Sagarin DI Ratings (Last week)
149 Harvard (151)
150 Penn (157)
152 New Hampshire (154)
159 Princeton (165)
179 Towson (170)
182 Dartmouth (167)
199 Holy Cross (196)
208 Cornell (203)
213 Yale (206)
217 Columbia (225)
220 Brown (226)

Massey FCS Ratings (Last week)
31 New Hampshire (36)
37 Penn (47)
42 Harvard (50)
48 Princeton (44)
62 Dartmouth (49)
71 Towson (62)
75 Holy Cross (71)
76 Cornell (68)
85 Columbia (97)
88 Yale (78)
98 Brown (104)
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Weird stat of the day/week/month/year: The Columbia football team is 2-0 when it doesn't score a touchdown. It is 0-4 when it does score a touchdown. Go figure.

It was as nice a day for junior varsity football in Hanover Sunday as it was a nasty day for football Saturday in New York City. OK, it was a little chilly but those who attended saw the Big Green win, 42-0, in a shortened affair.
The Columbia Spectator game story made the front page of the school paper and deservedly so. (LINK)
In Springfield, Ohio, Jack McCrory forced a fumble in overtime to help Shawnee to a 21-14 victory over Urbana in a game he dedicated to older brother Alex, Dartmouth's senior linebacker whose career has been ended by a knee injury. (LINK)
Dartmouth track Olympian Lexi Pappas has a first-person piece in the New York Times about her dorm friendship with Kyle Hendricks. (LINK)
Former Princeton basketball standout Sean Gregory writes about Hendricks in a Time magazine story headlined, How the Chicago Cubs Built an Unlikely Ace. (LINK)
Meant to mention we awoke to snow on the ground here on Moose Mountain yesterday.