Friday, October 21, 2016

Thinking Columbia

From the Dartmouth football office:

Find Dartmouth's game notes HERE.
The Columbia Spectator has a story under the headline, How Dartmouth changed Columbia football, that details tackling changes in the Ivies in general and Columbia in particular. (LINK)
From the For What It's Worth Department, Dartmouth was an early 34.5-point favorite over Columbia last year. The final score: Dartmouth 13, Columbia 9.

The Wise Guys have Dartmouth a 12-point favorite this year . . .

A look at how the Wise Guys' early lines this fall compare to the actual results:

• The WG had Dartmouth by 9.5 over UNH and the Big Green won by 1
• The WG had Dartmouth by 8.0 over Holy Cross and the Big Green won by 25
• The WG had Dartmouth by 14.5 over Penn and Penn won by 13
• The WG had Dartmouth by 19.5 over Yale and Yale won by 8
• The WG had Dartmouth by 4.5 over Towson and the Big Green won by 3
Last 5 Dartmouth-Columbia scores:
2015 Dartmouth 13, Columbia 9
2014 Dartmouth 27, Columbia 7
2013 Dartmouth 56, Columbia 0
2012 Dartmouth 21, Columbia 16
2011 Dartmouth 37, Columbia 0
For anyone thinking about going to Dartmouth-Columbia tomorrow, do take a look at the exhaustive Fan's Guide to Going to a Columbia Football Game 2016 on the Roar Lions blog. It is an invaluable resource with lots of good travel, parking and eating information.