Saturday, October 08, 2016

Yale On Tap

Leaving for Yale in a few minutes. Before heading out the door, here's a link to a story in The Fiscal Times that begins this way:
It’s been generations since something that happened on an Ivy League school’s football field had a serious impact on the game nationwide, but an innovation pioneered by Dartmouth and its head football coach, Buddy Teevens, may be on the cusp of changing the game -- not so much how it’s played as how it’s practiced.
The Valley News preview for Dartmouth-Yale is HERE.

Remember, today's game is being streamed free of charge on ESPN3. Or you can listen to Dartmouth's radio call of the game with Adam Giardino and Wayne Young if you click HERE.

Winning By A Nose ...

Last Friday night's Guest the Attendance contest was the closest ever held, with the winning entry only missing the official attendance of 5,932 by five people. The second-place entrant was only one behind, missing by six.

A record number of people participated in the contest. Congratulations to the local lawyer who submitted the winning guess! A $100 gift certificate to Molly's is on its way.

Stay tuned to BGA for next week's contest, brought to you by NexTitle where, "It's all about the journey."