Tuesday, November 29, 2016

And The Finalists Will Be . . . Announced Today

From last week's Ivy League release:
The finalists for 2016 Asa S. Bushnell Cup, which recognizes the Ivy League's Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year, will be unveiled on Tuesday, Nov. 29 on IvyLeagueSports.com. The Bushnell Cup will be presented on Monday, Dec. 5, the day before the 59th National Football Foundation (NFF) Annual Awards Dinner, at a special press conference and reception presented by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses in the Vanderbilt Room of the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel at 12:30 p.m. ET.
Two thoughts:

1) Dartmouth linebacker Flo Orimolade deserves to be one of the finalists after finishing first in the Ivy League with nine sacks, first in fumbles forced, tied for second in tackles for loss and tied for fifth in the conference with 8.3 tackles per game on a defense that was .3 points from being second in the league for fewest points allowed per game.

2) The irony of a bowl game helping sponsor an award for a league that apparently does not believe in postseason play continues to amuse.
Asa S. Bushnell Cup Winners
1970 Jim Chasey, QB, Dartmouth & Ed Marinaro, RB, Cornell
1971 Ed Marinaro, RB, Cornell
1972 Dick Jauron, RB, Yale
1973 Jim Stoeckel, QB, Harvard
1974 Walt Snickenberger, RB, Princeton
1975 Doug Jackson, RB, Columbia
1976 John Pagliaro, RB, Yale
1977 John Pagliaro, RB, Yale
1978 Buddy Teevens, QB, Dartmouth
1979 Tim Tumpane, LB, Yale
1980 Kevin Czinger, MG, Yale
1981 Rich Diana, RB, Yale
1982 John Witkowski, QB, Columbia
1983 Derrick Harmon, RB, Cornell
1984 Tim Chambers, DB, Penn
1985 Tom Gilmore, DT, Penn
1986 Rich Comizio, RB, Penn
1987 Kelly Ryan, QB, Yale
1988 Jason Garrett, QB, Princeton
1989 Judd Garrett, RB, Princeton
1990 Shon Page, RB, Dartmouth
1991 Al Rosier, RB, Dartmouth
1992 Jay Fiedler, QB, Dartmouth
1993 Keith Elias, RB, Princeton
1994 Pat Goodwillie, LB, Penn
1995 Dave Patterson, LB, Princeton
1996 Chad Levitt, RB, Cornell
1997 Sean Morey, WR, Brown
1998 Jim Finn, RB, Penn
1999 James Perry, QB, Brown
2000 Gavin Hoffman, QB, Penn
2001 Carl Morris, WR, Harvard
2002 Carl Morris, WR, Harvard
2003 Mike Mitchell, QB, Penn
2004 Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Harvard
2005 Nick Hartigan, RB, Brown
2006 Jeff Terrell, QB, Princeton
2007 Mike McLeod, RB, Yale
2008 Chris Pizzotti, QB, Harvard
2009 Buddy Farnham, WR, Brown & Jake Lewko, LB, Penn
2010 Nick Schwieger, RB, Dartmouth & Gino Gordon, RB, Harvard

Since 2011 the Bushnell has been awarded for offense and defense
2011 Jeff Matthews, QB, Cornell/Josue Ortiz, DL, Harvard
2012 Colton Chapple, QB, Harvard/Mike Catapano, DL, Princeton
2013 Quinn Epperly, QB, Princeton/Zach Hodges, DE, Harvard
2014 Tyler Varga, RB, Yale/Zach Hodges, DE, Harvard & Mike Zeuli, LB, Princeton
2015 Scott Hosch, QB, Harvard/Tyler Drake, LB, Penn
Here's the trailer for the HBO Real Sports show featuring Dartmouth's Mobile Virtual Player and coach Buddy Teevens: