Saturday, December 24, 2016


Didn't win the audio book on the Ivy League and the origins of football? Not to worry. Take a little time to yourself and watch the film based on the book. Here's how the editorial review of the film on Amazon reads:
"8: Ivy League Football & America" is a celebration of the rich history of football and the eight Ivy League colleges that built the game: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale. The Heisman and Outland trophies. The forward pass. Franklin Field, the Yale Bowl, and Harvard Stadium. There isn’t one facet of modern football that did not develop first on Ivy League gridirons. Four Ivy teams have played in the Rose Bowl and three Ivy players have won the Heisman Trophy. As much as anything, the Ivy League was also the birthplace of the scholar-athlete ideal. "8: Ivy League Football & America" is narrated by award-winning actor Brian Dennehy and features interviews with Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Paterno, Ed Marinaro, Calvin Hill, Chuck Bednarik, George Shultz, and many other Ivy League greats, along with rare archival footage and contemporary game action. The film will interest anyone who loves the game of football. As Leigh Montville of Sports Illustrated said, “I grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, which means I grew up watching Ivy League football. There was a large hole under the fence outside Yale Bowl where my friends and I sneaked into every game in the Yale season. This movie, "8", makes me remember why we did it. Great stuff. Makes me even want to buy a ticket.”