Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year, New Look

Mrs. BGA received an email from the Dartmouth Coop yesterday pitching a "New Year, New Look" selection of Dartmouth wearables. Clicking through to the Coop website revealed the usual selection of everything from Dartmouth baseball hats to T-shirts, sweatpants to jackets and more. Mrs. BGA forwarded the email this way because she noticed something that seemed new to her. Maybe it is, maybe it's not, but it isn't something I had noticed before, either. On some of the items the nickname "Big Green" now accompanies John Scotford's iconic Lone Pine logo.

Check out the blow-up below:

University of Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown, who gave up teaching at nearby Hartford High School and worked as a bellman at the Hanover Inn while starting his college coaching career as a volunteer assistant at Dartmouth, is the subject of a lengthy ESPN story. Brown's story really is a good one. Check it out HERE.
Football Scoop picks up on a Deadspin story about the highest paid public employee in each state. It's a football coach in 23 states and a basketball coach in 12. In New Hampshire and Vermont? College presidents ;-)
Our snowfall wimped out last night at perhaps seven inches. Hard to tell because of high winds and drifting. Either way, paved roads this morning are wet and black. Don't you just wish the road crews by you were that efficient?