Friday, January 13, 2017

Fenway Frenzy

Missing out by a year on the chance to play at Fenway is Dartmouth senior Flo Orimolade. Of course, he may be in a much larger stadium next fall. Big Green coach Buddy Teevens, quoted in a story in the daily Dartmouth:
“Scouts are telling us he could get drafted, and certainly that’s exciting for him, because people think he can play, and I agree with them. He just needs to train like how he’s always done. I think (Orimolade) has every opportunity to be seen in camps and training and go on from there.”
What happened the last time Dartmouth played at Fenway Park? You really don't want to know. From the Boston Globe's 1944 story:
According to the script, the Notre Dame football teams supposed to appear at Fenway Park yesterday and merely flex its muscles in front of a mirror, like the star physical culture student.
Strange to relate, this is precisely what happened. In their Boston debut, the green shirts from South Bend traveled at express-train speed through, around and even over the outmatched Dartmouth representatives to a 64-0 victory. 
Green Alert Take: Both fan bases can relax. This one won't be 64-0 ;-)
As expected, former Dartmouth defensive back Matt Burke '98 has been named defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. From a Miami Herald story:
Two years ago, Matt Burke — the full-bearded, Dartmouth-educated football lifer — stood near the top of the world and looked down.
Burke has a high-stress job, so he blows off steam in the offseason by taking adventure vacations. Burke got ready for his first season with the Dolphins by going on safari in Botswana.
But that was tame compared to his 19,000-foot climb the year before. He tackled Mount Kilimanjaro — and was still back in time for training camp.
This has been making the rounds so why not?
Here's another one:

Arkansas-Pine Bluff, which finished 253rd and dead last in the Sagarin Ratings among Division I (FBS and FCS) teams, also has a route to beating Clemson. Interestingly, Dartmouth is in the mix between APB and the national champions:

Friends and colleagues remember Maribel Sanchez Souther, the former Dartmouth runner and coach, and mother of three young children, who lost her battle with cancer in a story in The Dartmouth.