Wednesday, January 04, 2017

More MVP . . . And More

Given how many times it has been aired over the second half of the NFL season (and the mentions it has had here) I've been surprised how many people until recently hadn't seen the public service-type spot the NFL produced featuring Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens, the Mobile Virtual Player and the Big Green's no-tackling-in-practice stance. If you haven't seen it, check the spot out HERE.

For yet another story about the MVP, with a little new background, check out a SportsTechie story.

And thanks to a good friend of BGA for sharing a link to a story in The New Yorker under the headline, Can Technology Make Football Safer that includes a look at the MVP in use at a Florida high school.
Buddy Teevens is looking to bring a new offensive coordinator to Hanover. Well, the perfect candidate is out there. He grew up in the Granite State. He's been an incredibly innovative offensive coordinator in New Hampshire and a huge success as a head coach at the FBS level.

Oh yeah, he has a little time on his hands and someone else will be paying him for the next several years, so you could get him cheaply  ;-)

This is all over the web:
"Chip told me last night, 'I'll go be an offensive coordinator somewhere.' He just wants to be a football guy." —@JayGlazer on Chip Kelly
Green Alert Take: It's meant to be funny, folks.
Speaking of coaches, the Worcester Telegram has a story about former Dartmouth defensive back Matt Burke '98, a longtime NFL assistant finishing his first year with the Miami Dolphins.

Find Burke's Dolphin bio (below) HERE.

In other coaching news, James Perry, the onetime Brown quarterback standout, innovative Princeton offensive coordinator and Dartmouth assistant, has been introduced as the new head coach at Rhode Island's Bryant University. (LINK)

Perry's brother, John, was a Dartmouth offensive coordinator under John Lyons and is now the tight ends coach for the Houston Texans. (LINK)
The proposed indoor practice facility at Dartmouth is in the news again today. From a Valley News story:
Dartmouth College officials said on Tuesday that the school planned to appeal the Hanover Planning Board’s denial last month of a permit for the college’s proposed indoor practice facility off South Park Street.
The 70,000-square-foot facility, which would cost at least $17.5 million to construct, would stand near the Tyler Road neighborhood east of campus.
Residents there have fought the project every step of the way, citing concern over its size and appearance, and on Tuesday, neighbors said that they planned to participate in any appeal in court.
The newspaper's opinion page also has a piece by the vice chair of the town planning board, an abutter who recused herself from the board during discussion of the facility and did not vote on the project. (LINK) Kelly Dent writes:
The Valley News has paid much attention to the recent decision by Hanover’s Planning Board to deny Dartmouth College’s application for an indoor practice facility adjacent to a residential neighborhood. As unprecedented as the decision was portrayed in the paper, and as much as the Planning Board’s judgment was called into question by an editorial, the board simply performed a function it is legally obligated to perform. 
Sad news out of Dartmouth with the passing of former All-America runner and onetime Dartmouth coach Maribel Sanchez Souther '96. (LINK) Maribel, who waged a two-and-a-half year battle with breast cancer, leaves behind husband John and the three young children.