Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Meanwhile, At The High School Level . . .

The National Federation of State High School Associations is adopting new rules on blindside blocking and so-called "pop-up" onside kickoffs. (LINK)

From the NFHS release:
The definition of a blindside block established by the committee is “a block against an opponent other than the runner, who does not see the blocker approaching,” and now results in a 15-yard penalty.
The committee stated that the blindside block “involves contact by a blocker against an opponent who, because of physical positioning and focus of concentration, is vulnerable to injury. Unless initiated with open hands, it is a foul for excessive and unnecessary contact when the block is forceful and outside of the free-blocking zone.”
A pop-up kick, per the NFHS Rules Committee, is . . .
 "a free kick in which the kicker drives the ball immediately to the ground, the ball strikes the ground once and goes into the air in the manner of a ball kicked directly off the tee."
Po-up kicks "will be penalized as a dead-ball free-kick infraction."

In case you are wondering about the future of the game, the release ends this way:
According to the 2015-16 NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, football is the most popular sport for boys at the high school level with 1,084,308 participants in 11-player football. Another combined 28,943 boys participated in 6-, 8- and 9-player football. In addition, 2,140 girls participated in one of the four football offerings during the 2015 season.
FootballScoop takes a look at the new rules HERE. From the Scoop:
. . . (A)sking a referee to make a call during a game on whether or not a defender saw a block coming seems a bit silly. One has to wonder if this includes blocks inside of the tackle box, because a defender never sees a well executed trap block coming until it’s too late.
Kudos to Holy Cross and Cornell, the first Dartmouth opponents to post their 2017 spring rosters. Find the Holy Cross roster, which includes standout fifth-year quarterback Peter Pujals, HERE. The Cornell roster can be found HERE.