Thursday, February 23, 2017

Winter (?) Carnival

The Dartmouth football office takes a look at Winter Carnival (sadly, sans a snow sculpture):

(The mercury [silicon] could hit 60 degrees in the Upper Valley today. We still have about 18 inches of snow on the ground here on Moose Mountain but it's been melting away the past several days.)
Valley News story about a change in youth football includes a reference to how Dartmouth has changed under coach Buddy Teevens:
The Vermont Principals Association is phasing out tackle football at the middle school level.
Citing safety concerns and efforts to maintain participation, the VPA Middle School Football Committee is mandating a transition from tackle football to a “padded flag” version of the game.
The Dartmouth reference:
“Football has been under attack, and it’s an issue of safety,” (VPA associate executive director Bob) Johnson said. “When a program like Dartmouth starts doing away with tackling at practice, that’s huge because of the precedent it sets. I think we’re going to continue to see changes.”
They are still called "camps" but these are not your father's "camps." From the FAQs:
This is NOT an overnight camp. Registration begins at 8am and activities conclude by 5pm.
Any question about the nature of college football camps these days is answered by the day-long sessions being termed "specialist" and "prospect" camps, and a helpful listing of travel distances under the headline: How far are we from other IVY LEAGUE camps?
It's not exactly "breaking" news, but it's now official. Kevin Lempa is leaving his role as defensive coordinator at Hawaii to be an "analyst" on Jim Harbaugh’s staff at Michigan. Lempa worked for Wolverines defensive coordinator Don Brown at Boston College and Maryland. From an MGoBlue report:
Lempa coached Dartmouth's defensive backs for six seasons (1991-96) and served as the defensive coordinator for the final four seasons (1993-96), his first opportunity as a coordinator.
Don Brown, like Lempa, was a Dartmouth assistant.
The Yale Daily News has a lengthy story under the headline: UP CLOSE: Understaffed, Yale sports medicine struggles with student injuries. The story goes into great detail about the rash of injuries among Yale football players and compares training room staffing to other Ivies, including Dartmouth. The feeling here is that the story will ruffle some feathers.