Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It Won't Be Long

Here's a graphic from the Dartmouth football office with the spring football schedule, which kicks off two weeks from today. It's kind of hard to read but printed in green between each Tuesday and Saturday is a Thursday practice. In other words, practices are scheduled for Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday for the entire month of April. Keep in mind, however, that this is northern New England and   the schedule is likely to change ;-)

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People who follow Dartmouth football closely believe the Big Green has won 18 league championships. That's true, and not true.

It's true that Dartmouth has won 18 Ivy League championship. But the Big Green has won 26 league championships overall.

How can that be?

Long before the Ivy League came along Dartmouth was a member of the Triangular Football League, sharing the title with MIT in 1888 and winning the undisputed title in 1889, 1893, '94, '95, '96, '97 and '98. That's eight championships followed by 18 in the Ivy League for a total of 26.

The 1895 Dartmouth team, by the way, played a school-record 13 games.

As Casey Stengel was reported to have said, "You could look it up."

Dartmouth's home games in Triangular League play were held in front of the covered grandstand at Alumni Oval, which debuted in 1893. (Dartmouth photo; click to enlarge.)
Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens will be back in Washington, D.C. Thursday taking part in a program headlined, Can Technology Make Sports Safer? Among the other panelists will be Derek Belch, co-founder and CEO of STRIVR, the virtual reality system that Dartmouth uses.

The program is being put on by Future Tense, a partnership of Slate, New America and Arizona State University. For more details, check out the New America site HERE.