Friday, March 31, 2017

More Pro Day

One piece of news out of Pro Day is that Charlie Miller and Flo Orimolade have the same agent.

Both are being represented by Jordan Byrd of Exclusive Sports Group, headquartered in Indianapolis. Check out the ESG home page HERE.
A few stills from Pro Day. Be sure to check out the video below ;-)

Flo Orimolade shows off a 36-inch vertical.
The crowd watches the bench press.
Chai Reece's reach is closely studied.
Charlie Miller prepares for his 33.5-inch vertical.
Ryan McManus' wingspan is measured.
Stopwatches abound.
Ryan McManus, Graydon Peterson, Chai Reece and Flo Orimolade watch the goings on.

The Dartmouth reports on acceptances going out HERE.