Thursday, March 16, 2017

We're B-A-A-A-A-C-K

Nothing like coming home to 18 inches of new snow to confirm you did the right thing escaping to the sun for a week ... and that you came back to the north country, oh, six weeks early ;-)

We rolled through the door at 4 a.m. so this will be short. I'll catch up on some of what we missed in the coming days. In the meantime:

Headed to the football staff at Ohio State as special teams quality control assistant is Adam Scheier '96. He moves on to Columbus after three seasons as Wake Forest special teams and tight ends coach. Scheier, a special teams standout as a player for the Big Green, also coached at Lehigh, Princeton, Columbia and Dartmouth. (LINK)
What catches your eye in this blurb from St. Louis Today besides the company Dartmouth is keeping?
Isaiah Azubuike (5-11, 195) is a sophomore running back who's primed to be a big-time recruit. He already has offers from Kansas State, Dartmouth, Syracuse and Central Michigan.
A sophomore with a Dartmouth "offer?"

Find the story HERE.
Mercury News sportswriter Mark Purdy decided to write 10 columns in 10 hours on March 10 and this one headlined, "NFL survivor talks about the menace of Toradol and painkillers," is centered around Dartmouth graduate Reggie Williams, the former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker.

Green Alert Take: I've read Purdy's stuff before and he's good. After this exercise if I'm his editor I'm going to tell him I expect 50 columns a week from now on.
Speaking of silliness, Sports Illustrated has a story under the headline, The 25 Best Colleges for Sports Lovers. (LINK) A news search turned up the story because Dartmouth comes in at No. 11, ahead of Ohio State (18) and USC (16). !!!!

You might want to hold off on the exclamation points, though. Do read the fine print :-(

And while Dartmouth finished ahead of some big name schools, it finished behind No. 10 Bowdoin, No. 9 Yale and No. 8 Middlebury.
In case you weren't paying attention, here's where we spent the last week, completely off the grid and glad of it. (I'll pay for it over the next week but so be it.)

And here's the view we had a little before 6 each night: