Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Coming Full Cirkul

From the Indiegogo website for Cirkul, the innovative water bottle developed by former Dartmouth football players Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay that "uses flavor cartridges—Cirkul Sips—to bring flavor and nutrients to water:"
One day, as he was getting ready for practice in the locker room Garrett began mixing some sports drink powder into his water. All of a sudden… splat. He accidentally dumped half the powder onto the ground, making a huge mess. Garrett and Andy looked at each other and had an idea; what if there was a water bottle that could flavor water as you drink it and allow you to adjust the flavor strength to match everyone's personal tastes. No mixing. No stirring. No mess. The idea for Cirkul was born. 
Here's a video explaining the concept and benefits of Cirkul:

In addition to Waggoner (founder and CEO) and Gay (founder and president), former teammate Michael Runger has joined the Cirkul team in a strategy and operations role.

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With a month left in their Indiegogo campaign, the former Dartmouth football players have reached 76 percent of their fundraising goal.

Learn more about Cirkul and how you can become a backer HERE.
Speaking of innovations coming out of the Dartmouth football program, the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) takes a star turn in a story in The New Yorker under the headline, CAN TECHNOLOGY MAKE FOOTBALL SAFER? A high school in Fort Lauderdale is using everything from state-of-the-art helmets to robots to prevent head injuries.

Find the story HERE.

Former Dartmouth quarterback Dan Shula '06 – who happened to go to the Fort Lauderdale high school in question – is the new Atlantic Coast Regional Sales Manager for Rogers Athletic, a partner in the MVP effort. Check out Dan's Twitter feed with pictures of the MVP making the rounds HERE

By the way, the MVP has its own Twitter page ;-). Find it HERE.