Thursday, April 27, 2017

From The Time Machine

This is a fun one from a friend who follows uniform trends pretty closely and was kind enough to share a link. Thanks!

Guess who the first person was to wear the now iconic Cincinnati Bengals striped helmet? OK, that may have been too easy or perhaps you snuck a look below. Either way, you are right. Here's the STORY and here's the video:

Speaking of Dartmouth NFL connections, Steelers Depot has a story under the headline, Rooney: The Next Generation’ Could Already Be On Staff. From the STORY centered around former Big Green quarterback Dan Rooney '12:
I suspect that we will begin to hear a lot more about Danny Rooney over the course of the next several years as he theoretically rises in prominence within the organization. “The future of the Rooney family is bright,” co-owner Thomas Tull said while speaking of him.
“Danny is driven, competitive and learning the business from the ground up. Rather than using his last name to get a front-office position, Danny interned at the NFL and started on the lowest levels of the scouting department, doing all of the unglamorous work that goes into building a football team.”
“He’s already proven himself," Tull said, “and I’m looking forward to being his partner for many years to come.”
The Steelers Depot mentions Rooney's role in bringing the Mobile Virtual Player to Pittsburgh. The MVP is also featured in a story in Handelsblatt, the German business daily HERE.

Credit Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens with an assist for helping the powerhouse Big Green women's rugby team bring in a Canadian standout by the name of Rylee Stone.

If the name and Canadian connection sound a little familiar, give yourself a gold star. Rylee is the sister of Dartmouth tailback Ryder Stone. From the Western Wheel STORY:
“The football coach had heard that I played rugby at a higher level and he got in contact with the rugby coach (Katie Dowty),” Stone said. “She came out to Vancouver to watch me play (last spring) and got some game film of me with Canada.”
(Stone and Harley Tucker of Black Diamond were members of U18 Team Canada last spring).
From the How Did I Miss This department, former Dartmouth junior varsity quarterback-turned-big league utility man Ed Lucas '04 has hung up his well-worn glove and is working as the Miami Marlins' administrative coach and video replay coordinator. Find his bio HERE.
Speaking of baseball, how about this from the Chicago Tribune?
It's unlikely Kyle Hendricks will have the opportunity to visit his former Dartmouth College baseball team when it plays at Harvard on Sunday.
That's because the Cubs adjusted their rotation so Hendricks will stay on his normal schedule when he faces the Red Sox on Sunday night, with left-hander Brett Anderson pushed back to start Monday night's home series opener against the Phillies.
As those of you who read BGA Premium know, yesterday's Dartmouth practice was postponed to this afternoon because of class conflicts. Check in tonight for answers to a selection of questions submitted by BGA readers. Speaking of which, thanks to the delay there's still a little time left if you have something you'd like to ask Coach Teevens.

To send along a question for the coach, CLICK HERE That will address an email with the subject line, Ask the Coach. I'll select a representative sampling of questions and include Coach Teevens' answers with tonight's report.