Saturday, April 29, 2017

G-W Day

It's Green-White day in Hanover and the forecast has improved considerably. The rain that had been predicted has so far stayed away and at the 10:15 kickoff (estimated) it should be in the mid-60s. It will be cloudy but dry if the Dark Sky app has it right ;-)

Check BGA Premium tonight for coverage of the proceedings including the announcement of the Most Improved at each position group and the naming of the 2017 Dartmouth captains.
It is the third day of the NFL Draft and if graduating Dartmouth linebacker Flo Orimolade is going to hear his name called, it will happen today. Big Green coach Buddy Teevens said this week he's heard he could go as high as the fourth round, but the general opinion seems to be that Flo will be a late pick or a priority free agent. Dartmouth safety Charlie Miller, like his former teammate, could end up with some kind of deal before the end of the day or weekend.

Penn quarterback Alek Torgersen is widely thought to be the most likely Ivy Leaguer to be drafted. Cornell punter Chris Fraser is another strong NFL candidate although the track record of specialists being drafted is not strong.

Five FCS players were picked on the second day of the draft.

If Orimolade or Miller ends up making a team they could wind up in a collection like these of Dartmouth's NFL players, which is up for sale on eBay. (LINK)

Prominent among those missing from the collection above is the Big Green's last NFL draft pick, tight end/fullback Casey Cramer, who was chosen by the Tampa Bay Bucs in the seventh round of the 2004 draft. Here's an autographed 8x10 of Casey someone is selling. (LINK)

It's Saturday morning and you have the time. Check out this wonderful "Vermont from Above" video for a relaxing start to your weekend and a reminder of one of the reasons why some of us choose to live in Northern New England: