Saturday, April 15, 2017


The official Dartmouth football web page has a thorough update on awards handed out at the breakup banquet earlier this month. Find the story HERE.
Traditional two-a-days have been banned at the FBS and FCS level – which includes the Ivy League. FootballScoop introduces a story about the ruling with a quick summary:
The NCAA formally adopted legislation today outlawing old school “two-a-days”; which to be honest I’m not sure really were occurring much if at all these days. What now is allowed is a padded practice and a walk-through (without pads).
Details from the NCAA:
A single day may include a single, three-hour, on-field practice session and a walk-through. During walk-throughs, protective equipment such as helmets and pads can’t be worn, and contact is prohibited. Walk-throughs also can’t include conditioning activities and, in the Football Championship Subdivision, are limited to two hours in length.
Green Alert Take: That won't have an impact locally. Dartmouth hasn't had a conventional two-a-day in recent memory.
The push to allow a permanent 12th game at the FCS level was defeated, in part it is thought, because of the expense of holding another game. STATS has the story.
It's back to practice this morning for the Big Green as the spring schedule hits what would have been the halfway point if not for weather postponing one session. Check BGA Premium tonight for coverage.
Sign of Spring I With the warm temperatures and rain we were able to get our '84 VW Westfalia Vanagon out from winter storage yesterday.

File photo ;-)
More good news: As is usually the case, the old bus started on the first turn of the key. Pretty amazing for a 33-year-old vehicle. (I used to pull the battery and trickle charge it but that doesn't seem to be necessary.)

Now the not-so-good news: The VW isn't going anywhere for a while because mud season has finally arrived here on Moose Mountain. Our road is nowhere near as bad as it was the year the kids' school bus couldn't make it through, or the year we had to be towed out of the muck a half mile from home, or the year a 10-inch Bean boot got sucked off my foot and absolutely disappeared into the mess, but it's not a good idea to challenge it with the VW.  (For what it's worth, I did find the boot ;-)

Sing of Spring II That Certain Dartmouth '14 earth science major turned-park ranger was having breakfast at a little cafe in the Yellowstone gateway town of Gardiner, Mont., this week when a few commuters heading away from the park passed by. They were, she informed us, orderly and in the proper lane of traffic. Here's a picture she snapped:

Click photo to enlarge.
Oh, and That Certain Dartmouth '14 also reported that she was leading a hike with a group of school children in Yellowstone and came across a grizzly about 75 yards away. Not sure her education minor at Dartmouth had a class on what to do when a grizzly comes by your classroom ;-)