Saturday, May 20, 2017

Logo Mania

A good friend of BGA shared a Tweet that originated with Reddit (I'm outta my depth here a little, so bear with me ;-) with logos for every Division I team signifying their draftees since 2013.
Click to enlarge graphic.
The graphic lists Dartmouth with four players, which seemed kind of curious until re-reading the caption and realizing that the graphic is draftees PLUS undrafted signees. OK, that makes more sense.

You know what I did next because you are tempted to do it as well. I enlarged the graphic and went on an Easter egg hunt of sorts to find all the Ivy League teams. A few turned up pretty easily and a few were a challenge.

OK, go ahead and click the graphic to begin searching. I'll wait. (The solution to the puzzle is down below but don't cheat and look ahead. That takes all the fun out of it.)

While we're waiting, it wasn't a good week for Dartmouth and the NFL. Flo Orimolade was let go by the Rams and while we weren't looking the Chiefs cut Vernon Harris. Find the latter announcement from Chiefswire last Sunday HERE.

Jacob Flores is still hanging in with the Packers and the lack of centers on the Green Bay roster is working in his favor as the Milwaukee Sentinel's Morning Buzz noted briefly earlier this week HERE.

These things are fluid but as of this writing Flores and Charlie Miller (Jaguars) are the Dartmouth players currently under contract with NFL teams.

So, how did you do hunting down those Ivy League logos? It took a while to find Cornell and Brown was pretty tricky, I know.

Check this graphic with red circles showing where the Ivies were hiding:

Click to enlarge.