Friday, June 23, 2017

Another Quiet Day

BGA Premium started in 2005 and this daily site began that same summer on another platform. This is the 5,570th posting since moving to this host and I've never been more proud of the community we've developed together. A heartfelt thank you for stepping up and helping a couple of former players and their families who are going through difficult times.
With precious little happening on the football front it was time for a Google search that turned up a couple of things for that Dartmouth fan who has everything.

First, how about a sterling silver Dartmouth football spoon thought to be from the late 19th century? You can own it for $79.99.

The back of the bowl has football laces, and the handle is a graduate in cap and gown.

Hard to tell what this depicts but it looks like Rollins Chapel.

For $199.99 you can buy your own 1953 Dartmouth College Stein with "with mascot, Indian head, Dartmouth Hall, and the school crest." Check it out HERE.