Sunday, June 18, 2017


After our successful yard sale (more about that later) I hustled into town for the Friends of Dartmouth Football Golf Classic, had a chance to say hi to a bunch of former players and stuck around for the auction. Here are a few snaps I took:

First things first. Nothing happens without these guys. Click photo to enlarge.

Nickels coach Danny O'Dea gets the auction going.
Bidding for an autographed Tom Brady shirt was 3H (Heated,  High and Humorous) and seemed to have stopped at a pretty impressive number until word came in that a phone bidder had upped the ante. In fact, the caller had more than doubled the last bid under the tent that had already just about floored me. When I heard the number I had to ask if it was true. It's, uh, my understanding that there were a few beers consumed at the event ;-) but not enough for anyone to take on the phone bid. Now THAT was a Friend of Football.
A helmet autographed by "Gronk," and a football autographed by Ben Roethlesgerger helped fill the football coffers along with a one-of -a-kind blanket.
One of the genuine treasures that sold at the auction was this beautifully crafted clock made by former safety Ian Wilson '08, who could earn a living making these things.
And finally, the damages:
Click to enlarge.
As for the yard sale, we closed up shop a little after 2, at which point I phoned the local church that is having an auction this Saturday. The pastor himself answered and dropped by in his pickup truck a few minutes later to take away some of things that we simply didn't have enough traffic on our dirt road to sell. He appreciated the donation because apparently they were running short on items to sell off. We're bringing the rest to him this afternoon after his service. Unfortunately for the church, there's no autographed Tom Brady jersey in the mix ;-)