Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The 'Czar' Looks At The Ivy League

Football Gameplan and self-annointed "Czar of the Playbook" Emory Hunt offer up a 21-minute look at the 2017 Ivy League football season.

Points of note:
• Dartmouth has three players named to the FBGP All-Ivy League preseason offense (tight end Cameron Skaff, offensive lineman Matt Kaskey and wide receiver Hunter Hagdorn).
• No Dartmouth player is on the preseason All-Ivy defense.
• Skaff is referred to as an NFL prospect.
• Defensive lineman Jackson Yost is singled out in Dartmouth's incoming class.

The top units according to FBGP:
• Quarterback: Princeton
• Running back: Cornell
• Receivers: Dartmouth/Penn tie
• Offensive line: Princeton
• Special teams: Columbia

• Defensive line: Columbia
• Linebackers: Penn
• Defensive backs: Penn
• Special teams: Columbia

The "Czar" doesn't formally project his Ivy League standings, but it's pretty clear he started at the bottom and worked his way to the top. That being the case, his race looks like this:

8. Brown
7. Cornell
6. Columbia
5. Dartmouth
4. Yale
3. Harvard
2. Princeton
1. Penn

With that out of the way, here's the Football Gameplan look at the Ivies:

An update and a little more information on the recent Dartmouth players facing difficult struggles:

• The Ernest Evans GoFundMe page includes this:
His family and I would like to thank everyone for the generosity shown during this fundraising campaign. Whether you donated, shared the fundraiser with others, or have sent prayers and positive thoughts towards Ernest, we are very grateful for your contribution. As of now, there is not too much to update on his condition. According to the nurse I spoke with yesterday, he hasn't made any huge strides forward in the past few days, but he also hasn't had any major setbacks. Some of the positive strides he's made since the injury include decreased swelling in his extremities and ability to open eyes and move his arms and legs (but not so much on command). The most important part will be to respond to commands that show he can hear and react/control his actions to show a connection between mind and body which we are hoping picks up some speed. When I have new info, I will post here to keep all of you informed. Once again, we thank everyone for their help.
And has a story about helping Garrett Strohmaier's after the passing of his father, Paul, shortly after Garrett's graduation earlier this spring. The story features a special photo of the very proud father and son on the Dartmouth Green at graduation as well as a link to the Strohmaier GoFundMe page that includes information on Friday's services for Paul Strohmaier.