Saturday, July 22, 2017

And The Mystery Guest Is . . . To Be Named

With the football camping season winding down commitments will start adding up.

Twitter informs us Dartmouth has landed an addition to the Class of 2022. What it doesn't inform us is the recruit's name, although it does provide a few connect-the-dots clues per these two Tweets from Friday:
MAJOR COMMIT ALERT! #BLEEDGREEN18 just got bigger and better ..Welcome to the family, young man 
BOOM! Big time commitment out of the 919! #BLEEDGREEN18 just got bigger and better up front!
The use of the word "bigger" in the first Tweet out of the Dartmouth football office can be interpreted as meaning it's an offensive lineman. The second Tweet seems to confirm that with a phrasing "better up front."

The second Tweet also refers to "the 919," which happens to be the area code for the Raleigh, N.C. area.

If Google offers up a name and you see it before I do please send it along and I'll post it here;-)
The latest update on the health of former Dartmouth quarterback Ernest Evans is a reminder that sometimes good things happen slowly. As most of you know, Evans was found unconscious on the Pacific Coast Highway near Los Angeles on June 11 and he's been hospitalized ever since. Here's a mid-July update from his GoFundMe page:
Since the last update, there have been a few positive changes in Ernest's condition. Physically, most of his visible swelling has gone down significantly in his extremities and his head. He is now looking a lot more like himself. He also has been removed off the ventilator and has been able to breath on his own! They have moved Ernest out of the ICU to a different area in the neurological wing, and once they can get ahold of a new infection he's been fighting and clear it, the plan is for him to be moved to an LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) facility. In terms of responsiveness, there hasn't been any significant strides. He is still responding to commands like "put your thumb up," or "move this arm/leg" at a low rate but it's definitely a positive to know he can still somewhat hear. His family is very thankful for all of you who have contributed prayers, positive thoughts, donations, and other contributions to aid them through this time.
Ernest and the Evans family still need your help. Please see his GoFundMe page to see how you can contribute.
And finally, That Certain Dartmouth '14 has reached Mammoth Lakes, Calif., 906 miles into her epic 2,650-mile hike up the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. She called last night and spilled the beans that she's finally been given a trail name. It came about when a few thru-hikers were together telling stories and TCD14 revealed that as part of her training as a Yellowstone ranger she was instructed on how to use an important power tool in that part of the country. And so she was baptized as . . . wait for it . . . Chainsaw.

Here's Chainsaw with her ice axe on the trail in the Sierras on July 9!

Two more things:

First, I wouldn't be surprised if Chainsaw has to do not just with the interesting training an Ivy Leaguer got in the wilderness, but how fast the words can come when she is telling a good story.

And second, yeah, there's a lot of snow left out there. It's slowed Chainsaw and Young 'Un down, but they are determined not to let it stop them. Chainsaw wrote this a few days back on her blog, Which Way is North?:
We had a late lunch in the shade by a creek with a group of hikers who were headed off the trail into the town of Lone Pine later tonight. They were planning to skip all the way north to Lake Tahoe to avoid the snowy Sierras. I've been surprised how many people we've met who are skipping sections of the trail. If anything, if gives me more conviction about hiking straight through.