Monday, July 03, 2017

Here We Go


The 13th season of BGA Premium officially kicks off today. (To be completely accurate, BGA Premium sign-up begins today. Daily content on the site will begin with opponent previews 10 days before the start of preseason camp in mid-August.)

BGA offers the most comprehensive, professional coverage of any FCS program anywhere with at least one 1,000-word-plus story SEVEN DAYS A WEEK from the start of preseason practice through the final game of the season. BGA has been at EVERY full practice Dartmouth has held over the past 12 years and the cost for a yearly subscription is the same it has been for the past decade.

For everything you need to know about BGA and how to sign up, CLICK HERE.

For those of you who jumped the gun on the official start of signups, not to worry. You are all set for the coming year. Thanks!

Editor's Note: It is BGA Premium that makes this daily site possible. Subscriptions to the Premium site dropped significantly last year for the first time, which was hugely disappointing. The best way to make sure this site continues is to make sure the Premium site continues, so don't forget to sign up and please, please, please spread the good word.
Did you know that Google has a "patent search" service? Neither did I.

If you click on THIS SEARCH it will bring up patent US8782925 B2 for an "athletic shoe." Here's a screenshot from the page:

Check out the name of the inventors and compare that to Dartmouth football rosters from the past decade ;-)

And if you were to check out the Bloomberg page on Jennus Athletics Company you would find the name Jennus is a portmanteau of its co-presidents, former All-Ivy League receiver Timmy McManus '11 and former quarterback Alex Jenny '10.
The NCAA is looking into the concept of a 14-week, Division I football season with two off-weeks. (LINK)

If the move is adopted, Division I teams could play 12 games with two weeks off. Ivy League schools, meanwhile, would continue to play 10 games with no weeks off.

Interesting . . .