Monday, July 31, 2017

Time Out

The summer issue of PEAK, the official magazine of Dartmouth's DP2 program, has now been posted. I freelanced four stories (and a sidebar) for the electronic publication and Big Green football fans will (hopefully) find something of interest in each one.

In Taking The Fifth Year, a look at athletes taking essentially a medical redshirt season, one of the student-athletes I wrote about was defensive lineman Jeremiah Douchee. Find that story HERE.

Palm Trees To Pine is a story about the influx of Hawaiian athletes (and students in general) to Dartmouth. Two of the Hawaiians I spoke to were defensive back Bun Straton and receiver Kamana Hobbs. Click HERE to read that story.

In Adding Technology To The Toolbox Dartmouth strength coaches explain how they are using the Catapult monitoring system helps Big Green coaches properly guide their charges. That story is HERE.

A Catapult Case Study zeroes in a little more on how head football  trainer Spencer Brown used the system with the football program. Click HERE for the story.
The next issue of PEAK is due out in early fall and Dartmouth football fans will want to keep an eye out for one story in particular that I'm working on ;-)
With my responsibilities for the Tommy Keane Invitational golf tournament wrapping up last night and Dartmouth football practice beginning in three weeks, Mrs. BGA and I are taking advantage of this window of opportunity to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a two-week vacation. Electricity, let alone access to the Internet, will be sporadic at best. As a result, this site will be pretty quiet until we return.

For those of you subscribing to BGA Premium the same holds true. I have to manually activate accounts and I'll give that a shot when I can over the next two weeks.

A reminder, while I'm at it, that BGA Premium kicks off with comprehensive Opponent Previews starting on Aug. 13.

Bye for now.


PS: For those who are counting, That Certain Dartmouth '14 crossed over the 1,000-mile mark yesterday on her Pacific Crest Trail hike from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. Her blog is about 150 miles or so behind but check it out HERE.