Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Where Are They From, Part 1

What is the theory? Give enough monkeys enough typewriters and enough time and they will eventually type Hamlet.

Shakespeare this isn't, but given enough time, enough energy and that one pesky last recruiting class finally being announced this monkey has pulled together some (perhaps) interesting information on  where Ivy League recruits are coming from this year.

Today's entry is about the top 10 feeder states.* The first two are hardly a surprise. What might catch a few people off balance is where California falls.

With that said, here are the top 10 states for producing Ivy football recruits in the Class of 2021. (The number of Dartmouth recruits from those states is in parentheses.)

1. Texas – 23 (1)
2. Florida – 22 (3)
3. Massachusetts – 20 (2)
4. Pennsylvania – 18 (2)
T-5. Georgia – 17 (1)
T-5. New Jersey – 17 (3)
7. California – 15 (1)
8. Illinois – 11 (4)
9. Ohio – 10 (0)
10. New York – 8 (0)

All totaled, there are incoming players from 32 states, one from the District of Columbia and one from Ontario.

* Note: Ivy rosters aren't consistent about listing an incoming player's hometown or prep school so some numbers could be slightly off.

More tomorrow ;-)
From a STATS story:
There are so many FCS matchups that are rarely seen yet simply make sense and would be downright fun. These ones need to happen . . .
Harvard vs. New HampshireHarvard needs to step up its non-Ivy League schedules and there isn't a better regional option than New Hampshire. The Crimson are 7-0 all-time in the series, but they haven't met since 1939. 
Green Alert Take: I'd buy a ticket to see that game except for two things. I'll be working and – wait for it – I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen in the foreseeable future.
A reminder (as if that blinking GIF down there isn't obnoxious enough) BGA Premium sign-up has begun.
And finally, for those of you following along That Certain Dartmouth '14's hike from the Mexican border to the Canadian border along the Pacific Crest Trail, she reached California's Kennedy Meadows a couple of days ago. That's roughly the 700-mile mark and is the unofficial line of demarcation between the "desert" section and the Sierras. Suffice it to say after a couple of years rangering in Yellowstone she's feeling a lot more at home in the mountains. The entire trail is about 2,650 miles.

Oh, and she said to pass along a huge thank you for the yummy snacks and sustenance. She put in a 30-mile day recently and hiking like that takes a lot of fuel ;-)