Monday, August 21, 2017

And Another

Set to join the Dartmouth football team a year from now is John Pupel, a 6-foot-1, 195-pound All-IAC defensive back from Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va. He Tweeted his commitment HERE.

Pupel was joined on the 2016 All-IAC team by incoming Dartmouth freshman offensive lineman Sean Dowling.

Find Pupel's highlight video as a strong safety HERE.
John Stearns was linebacker Luke Hussey's '11 proud grandfather.

Unofficially John Stearns '49 was grandpa to a whole host of Luke's teammates and the players who came after him.

Stearns, who passed away last week, was a regular presence at Big Green practices and games along with wife Winnie. Tall and distinguished, Stearns would often sit quietly in the stands on one side of the field observing practice while Winnie would actively engage players on the other.

The son of a Dartmouth football player from the Class of 1908, brother of a Dartmouth '37, parent of two graduates, and a football grandparent, John was green through and through. An international relations major, he was editor of The Dartmouth, in Casque & Gauntlet, selected as a member of Palaeopitus for his dedication to the college, and among his many contributions to the college served as head of the Dartmouth Class Presidents Association.

It was always a pleasure to see John at practice, both on Memorial Field and the Blackman Practice Fields. He battled health issues in his later years but as soon as he was back on his feet he'd return to practice, always quietly looking on.

After moving to an assisted care facility in Georges Mills, N.H., John pledged to make it back for a practice and darned if he didn't. As the story goes, he drove himself!

The last time I saw John was on a Saturday afternoon in the fall. A car had pulled into the parking lot behind the old scoreboard location before a game and was heading in my direction. As it came alongside me the car stopped and a window came down.

I don't remember if Dartmouth won or lost that day. I don't remember who the Big Green played. But I'll never forget the warm greeting I got from John Stearns and the absolute joy I saw in his ear-to-ear smile. He was, after all, back where he belonged.