Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back In The Saddle

After catching up on sleep in an honest-to-goodness bed after two weeks camping in the wilds I'm back at it with way too much to do in the next few weeks and way too little time to get it done. That's the price we pay for vacation ;-)
Catching up on a few things I missed when I was away, I'll start with this video featuring bearded former starting center Austen Fletcher '12 (thanks for the link):

Another emailer sent along a note about former Dartmouth strength coach Dan Nichol running the football strength program at the University of Minnesota and getting a few cameos on the  show, "Being PJ Fleck." Nichol was at Dartmouth from 2006-08. Find his Minnesota bio HERE.
An story under the headline, The Top 10 Mascots in College Football, Ranked by Someone Terrified of Mascots, includes Keggy, which to the chagrin of many at the college used to occasionally show up at Dartmouth events. The story includes this cheap shot:
It’s a shame Dartmouth isn’t better at sports, because Keggy deserves a much better platform than his current one.
For what it's worth, the mascot ranked just ahead of Keggy was the Fighting Okra of Delta State.
The Wisconsin Badgers have two MVP tackling robots rolling around practice. Scroll down HERE to read about it and see them in action.
Former Dartmouth quarterback Dave Bradley '58, a regular at practice and mentor of numerous Big Green players in recent years, was the grand marshal of the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl parade. (STORY). Bradley threw the winning touchdown pass for New Hampshire in the first game in its longtime series with Vermont.
The local Valley News writes about Dartmouth's continuing struggle to get its indoor practice facility built. The lede to the story:
A ruling by the Hanover Planning Board denying a permit for a proposed 70,000-square-foot practice facility east of downtown was based on a standard that was too subjective to enforce, a lawyer representing Dartmouth College argued in Grafton County Superior Court on Wednesday.
Robert Carey, a lawyer for the college, said the $17.5 million building, which Dartmouth officials said was needed for its athletes to practice in the winter, had met all relevant zoning codes, as well as all specific site plan regulations.
Read the full story HERE.
Dartmouth defensive back Jarius Brown writes about some of what he learned as an Under Armour Product Management Intern HERE.
The first three opponent previews have been posted on BGA Premium. Ivy League previews begin tonight with a look at Brown.

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