Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Stopping For Camping Supplies And This Popped Up . . .

Results of the Ivy League preseason football poll are in and they are as ridiculous as ever . . .

1. Princeton (6) 120
1. Harvard (5) 120
3. Penn (5) 110
4. Yale 71
5. Dartmouth 60
6. Brown (1) 57
7. Columbia 38
8. Cornell 36

Green Alert Take: Should someone's voting privilege should be revoked? This thing gets thrown out of whack every year by one voter . . . and no, it's not me.
And on our 30th anniversary we give you a gift from the end of the earth (or at least this country):

Joining the Dartmouth family is Carson Reich, a linebacker from The Woodlands, the Texas Ivy League feeding ground. Reich's announcement is HERE and his highlights are HERE.
Now I have to stuff what we bought for our celebration dinner into a bear cannister and head back into the wilderness.

Several reminders.

1) This page is going dark again until we fly home on Aug. 15.

2) For those of you whose accounts have been activated, BGA Premium postings will begin Aug. 13 and continue daily until the end of the season.

3) If you have signed up for BGA and sent along a check or PayPal I won't be able to activate your account until we return. You'll be good to go Aug. 15.